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The freshest way to enjoy fine seafood. Pleasing to the eye, healthy and delicious. You can enjoy this oriental delicacy prepared to order before your eyes at the Sushi Bar or served at your table
Raw, marinated or cooked seafood artfully garnished and presented
Raw, marinated or cooked seafood artfully garnished and presented on vinegar rice
Seafood and other delicacies with sushi rice, hand rolled in dried seaweed

Hand Rolled Sushi presented as an "Ice Cream Cone"

There are two distinct styles of Sushi... Kansai, from the city of Osaka which offers seasoned rice mixed with other ingredients presented in an ornamental fashion and Edo style, from Tokyo featuring " Nigiri" Sushi. " Nigiri" Sushi features a portion of seafood on a small pad of seasoned rice.

A chef named Yohei is given credit for developing Sushi in the Edomae ( Tokyo) style which is the most commonly experienced form of modern Sushi. Absolute freshness of the fish is the all-important factor for good sushi. In fact, some devotees prefer their sushi as early in the day as possible.

Sushi preparation is a highly developed discipline, requiring years of apprenticeship under a master chef. Our chefs will delight and entertain you with their expertise as they prepare your order before your eyes.


(above the Little Venice Restaurant)
32 Bermudiana Road - Hamilton
Bermuda - HM 11 - T: 441.296.4477